About the FOPA

Why should an individual join the FOPA? Here are some reasons that come to mind

As the civilian affiliate of the Fraternal Order of Police, we represent two groups of people: 1) everyday citizens from all walks of life, including friends and family members of currently sworn and retired officers, and respected business persons who have an interest in supporting their local law enforcement officials; and 2) civilian (non-sworn) employees of law enforcement agencies who wish to support their sworn brothers and sisters, and who also reap the benefit of having the strength of the FOP behind them when it comes to labor issues with their employer.

Our mission is to support our law enforcement personnel in any way we can. We accomplish this by fostering honor and respect towards law enforcement personnel; hold monthly meetings where citizenship, goal planning, and support to our parent lodge is carried out; providing college scholarships to children, grandchildren, and other family members of both our associate lodge members and our parent lodge members (Grand Canyon State Lodge 32, Fraternal Order of Police); attending our annual Arizona Peace Officer Memorial in May providing cookies, hot dogs, water and other beverages to attendees; providing financial assistance to officers in need or distress; recognizing outstanding, dedicated law enforcement officers and associate members; and supporting local charitable and social functions enjoyed by members, family and friends.

We have a close association with our parent lodge and try to help them whenever we are able. This fraternalism with our law enforcement family is a testament to the strength of our lodge to accomplish the goals of our mission.

We can support our mission further with your membership, participation and support. If your interests revolve around law enforcement and the men and women that have dedicated their lives to the protection of ours, then the FOP Associate Lodge #32A would be a great fit.

Cost of Associate membership is minimal – only $30 a year for civilians and $22 per month for retired or current law enforcement personnel (not sworn) which includes Arizona Labor Council benefits – but showing support to our sworn officers is invaluable.


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If you have questions regarding membership in the FOP 32 Associate Lodge 32, please contact your FOPA Representative or use the information request form below.